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Cees Geluk became a big fan of Joe Cocker, after seeing him in Woodstock (the movie, 1969). As from that moment on he followed very carefully the career of this top artist and very soon creates his own imitation: The Dutch Joe Cocker Playback Show.

Because his voice has a natural resemblance with the typical rough Cocker Sound, he started very soon with live performances. During a party, where some musicians also were present, a jam session took place and the JoeUnderCover Band is a fact. The new band recorded some cover numbers in a studio and from that moment on Cees sings as The Dutch Joe Cocker live.

A performance at a local song contest in Rotterdam delivered him the first place in his category. Later on, The Dutch Joe Cocker became the publics favorite artist when he competed with other musical sound-a-likes in a Dutch television show: “In De Huid Van”, ( Dutch television -Talpa 2005 ). He reached a well earned final place in this spectacular television show.

“Seeing is believing" Take a look at the streaming video if you did not see The Dutch Joe Cocker in live. You need a high bandwidth internet connection.

finale talpa television 2005
private parties
Seeing is believing: one video clip of The Dutch Joe Cocker tells you more than a thousand words...
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